07 November 2010

an autumn baby shower in green and brown

 Yesterday, I hosted a baby shower for my sister. This shower was planned meticulously for months, and was such a joy for me. I got to try so many new crafts–things I'd seen on other blogs and saved away for "someday." Honestly, it wasn't long after my sister's positive pregnancy test that I was begging her to let me do the shower. 

Here is a brief photo overview, and a teaser of things to come. Several posts to follow will show in detail the invitation, the decorations, the games, the favors, my gift to the new baby, and more.

 The baby's nursery is going to be decorated in green and brown, so I designed the shower around those colors. My vision was a simple, sophisticated presentation with a warm and cozy vibe, given that our weather in November is typically cold and dreary. 

Disclaimer: these photos were taken hastily as guests were arriving. They're admittedly less than great. But I'm actually surprised they turned out at all, so I'm happy.

Tip #1: Burlap table runners. You probably wouldn't want an entire tablecloth of burlap, but a little runner was a great way to add some texture and warmth for very little money.

Aren't the flowers gorgeous? They were masterfully created by Carol from VanKirk's Florist. I gave her the colors and theme, we discussed a few kinds of flowers, and she arrived with the perfect arrangement. (OK, full disclosure–she's also my husband's aunt. And she was an amazing help to me at the shower! Big thanks also to Leanna, Jennie, Jen, my mom Betsy, and everyone else that pitched in to help. I couldn't have done it without you.) Carol also found the tiny cypress trees that completed my vision for the food tables.

Hands down, my favorite element of this fall shower was the treat table. We had a hot cocoa bar (with coffee also available for mochas) and handmade doughnuts. The cocoa bar (idea from Hostess with the Mostess) included cocoa obviously, three flavored syrups (which could definitely be spruced up further with flavored liqueurs for a party without pregnant ladies), marshmallows and whipped cream.

The doughnuts were a big hit. I knew I wanted a green glaze, and that I needed to make the regular vanilla glaze more opaque somehow so the green color would show. I added a cup of white chocolate chips to the vanilla glaze, and some food coloring. The white chocolate glaze was so yummy, and I'm not usually a fan of white "chocolate." (It shouldn't call itself "chocolate" if it's not really chocolate, right?)

It just so happens that my sister's two closest friends are also pregnant right now, so even though the shower was for Brittney, I tried to accommodate the other ladies with comfy chairs that were easy to get out of.

 Here's a sneak peek of my gift for the baby. This blanket deserves a post of its own. It was really fun to make and I love how it turned out.

Facebook fans–here's that new scarf I posted about last week. I'm loving it!


Megan said...

Awesome! So very impressed with your attention to detail :) Can't wait to see more.

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

What gorgeous invitations. I really like them a lot.

I wish I had a sister like you!! I've only got brothers and I always feel a little bit sad reading posts ike this about lovely things that sisters do for each other.


Melissa Hardin said...

Great job. I'm planning my sisters shower for January so I will totally be stealing the cocoa bar idea. Maybe more.

Bcieloha said...

I can't even begin to tell you how happy this made me! I was so overcome with sisterly love. :) Thank you again, so so so much!!

Anonymous said...

Everything looks Fabulous! Love the invites, the two banners, and the wreath on your door. That wreath has been on my to do list too! Will you move it inside now that the party is over?

Love the donuts with the green icing. They look SO good!! Can't wait to hear more about the blanket you made {it's adorable!} and the favors too.

p.s. That scarf is so pretty and it looks great on you. Do tell where it's from!

Anonymous said...

The doughnuts were absolutely fabulous, even better than anticipated (and my expectations were pretty high!) Your vision, attention to detail and execution was beyond compare. I'm so happy I was able to be there. Thanks so much! Leanna

Anonymous said...

Love the Scarf!

-Your Hubby

Gina said...

I love the invitation! I am totally inspired! :)

Great ideas for shower food, drinks, and decor! I especially like the hot cocoa bar. Great idea for a non-alcoholic event and for a fall or winter event as well. Very original!

Marisa said...

Thanks everyone!

Abby--Yes, I'm moving the wreath inside. It's sheltered from weather on the door, but I'm afraid the humidity from the fall rain will ruin the paper. The scarf is from Fred Meyer, a store in the northwest similar to Super Target, sorta.

Leanna--I'm so happy you were there, too! You were very helpful. :) Thank you very much.

Hubby--Thank you! I'm glad you like it.

Gina--Not too terribly original. I stole it from another blog. But a great idea nonetheless!

Genelle said...

WOW!! This shower is amazing! Absolutely beautiful. I LOVE baby showers, especially sophisticated ones like this. My favorite things are:

The sweet little alphabet banners.. original and cute without being dorky (as so many "baby" things can be!)! Love them!

Burlap table runners? Who would have thought?! They look rustic and gorgeous. Totally gonna steal that idea.

Um, the doughnuts. My mouth is watering. I'd love to make them one day, but I know all too well I would eat every last one. So sadly, I will just drool over yours.

The cocoa bar idea is fabulous! Perfect for all fall day with preggos! And it looks so appealing... Love the big glass containers for marshmallows and whipped cream.

The clothespins are such a cute, creative idea!

And that blanket... can't wait to read your post about it. :)

Thanks for sharing! Looks like you had an awesome time with all this!

Marisa said...

Thanks, Genelle! I found those alphabet cards on clearance in the scrapbook section at Craft Warehouse. Punched holes in them and strung them. $3.50. Can't beat it.

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