14 November 2010

autumn baby shower: cocoa favors

Are you tired of baby shower posts yet? I tell you, I had so much fun putting this party together, I want to share every little piece! After this one, we'll take a little break. I have some other things I'd like to share with you. Plus, the two other shower-related posts I'd like to do involve work that has yet to be done.

Since I was making cocoa mix for the hot cocoa bar (Ghirardelli Sweet Ground Chocolate mixed with an equal volume of powdered milk), I knew it would be easy to make a little bit more for favors. As a bonus, it would allow me to make little cellophane packages with card stock labels--something I've wanted to do for a very long time.

The cellophane bags were filled with 1/3 cup cocoa mix, folded over to the appropriate size, and stapled. The labels were printed in one piece, folded, and stapled to cover the cellophane folds. The onesie then covered the staple visible on the front side of the label, and was held in place by the clothespin. A tiny little twine bow (twine from Bella Creationz) provided the finishing touch.

Inspiration for the text was found here, and for the clothespin accessory here on Make & Takes, one of my favorite blogs. It was easy to make the favors match the invitations:
  • Match the label card stock with the invitation card stock
  • Use the same fonts (Desyrel and Bebas Neue)
  • Cut some more cute little green onesies
Putting them together was so fun! This will definitely be my go-to favor style for future parties.


Simply Mel said...

Brilliant! In fact, I might just increase the bag size and give as Christmas gifts with a little santa or snowflake as the design!

Marisa said...

That's a great idea, Melissa!

Bcieloha said...

I'm not getting tired of them! I get to relive the shower all over again. :)

Hannah said...

How cute are these?? I love this idea.

Marisa said...

Brittney--You make me smile. :)
Hannah--Thank you!!

Leah Williams said...

I love this idea and want to do it for my sister-in-laws shower next month -- where did you get that cardstock and what formatting did you use to print out with the text? Thank you in advance!

Marisa said...


Thank you! The cardstock is just brown kraft cardstock—you can find it at most craft stores and possibly some office supply stores. Definitely online. I get 8.5x11 size so it fits through my printer without trimming.

As for text formatting, I do lots of measuring and trial and error. This was probably created in Photoshop, where I have complete control over size and position, and can flip text if needed (and I did here—the text on the back is upside down above the text on the front before the paper is folded). But I used MS Word for years—it can work, it just takes lots of Help documents and some cursing. :) Do test prints on regular paper and get it exactly how you want it before using the (more expensive) cardstock.

Good luck!

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