16 July 2014


Finally, the Scrappy Snail quilt is finished. Only a year in the making—no big deal.

It'll be a nice layer on my bed when the weather cools down. . . if I can get it away from the kids.
They tend to claim possession of any newly finished quilt. Adorable little monsters, they are.

10 June 2014

balloons make us happy

I am loving the sunny summer evenings lately. Summer is my least favorite season, but oh, how I missed those summer nights. Everything is warm and glowing with long, dark shadows. Beautiful.

In other news, I'm closing down the MakeHappy Facebook page. There isn't enough activity here (or there) to keep it going, and Facebook is making it harder and harder for “pages” to get views without paying. (How dare they keep us from using those connections for free, right?)

But I'll still be here, once in a while. And on Flickr. Have a great summer!

16 May 2014

busy bee

mt. adams from glenwood

Ah, rural living. We had to drive an hour for one of the little dude's baseball games.
At least it was a pretty drive.

29 April 2014


Ah, lilacs. Lilacs are my favorite. My bush only has a few clusters this year. I think I'm pruning at the wrong time. I need to look that up.

We found these volunteers today. Does anyone know what they are?

It's weird for me to see such a vibrantly colored flower in b&w, but I love the texture of the petals.

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