14 March 2014

only human

Only Human

The Flickr Friday prompt this week is “I'm Only Human”. I immediately thought of a close up image of my lips I took in 2012, and all the human imperfections revealed under the magnification of a macro lens. The light at the time was perfect for what I had in mind, so I set about taking a new shot, using all the knowledge I've gained in the last year and a half to improve on the first one. (Don't tell anyone, but the first lip shot was a happy accident. This one was fully intentional.)

I'm pulled in so many directions these days that I don't often feel inspired to take anything other than family record snapshots. It felt good this morning to spend some time working to achieve the shot I imagined. It was like exercising a neglected muscle. If only photography burned more calories. . . 

11 March 2014


Hello Barry.

I've been playing along with a project called The Hours. Photographers contribute images taken during a certain hour of the day each month. January was 7-8am, February was 8-9am, March is 9-10am, and so on. These are my 9am images. There are many, many more contributions on The Hours' Flickr page. It's fun to see what is happening between 9am and 10am all around the world.

The nine o'clock hour, on days that I am home, is often quiet and peaceful. The kids are safely at school. Their toys wait for them. Meals are waiting to be prepared, but are wonderfully not being prepared at this hour. And if I'm lucky, the clouds part for some beautiful morning sun to filter through the windows and light up the entire house.

more adventures with the littles

Mr. Little has enviable patience.

Mrs. Little gets rebellious and takes a walk on the bike path.

03 March 2014


Hi! Hello! How are you? I'm still here, just not here much. This blog is going through a dormant phase. I'm sad about that, but I'm in a chapter of life where my attention needs to be elsewhere most of the time. I hope to check in more during the summer when my regular life slows down.

For now, I'll leave a picture of my adorable nephew lining up his crayons. ♥

06 February 2014

another snowflake

. . . because we have so many laying around right now, I might as well take advantage.

04 February 2014


Gloria is happy.

She can't take her eyes off the beautiful snow, even when Selfie Sophie shows up.


Finally, snow. 
Big, gorgeous snow with visible branches in every tuft. 
It's only about an inch, and I doubt we'll get much more. 
But for today, I'm happy.
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