04 October 2014

punchbowl falls

Punchbowl Falls, Eagle Creek, Oregon

I've done the Eagle Creek hike before, in spring, when the water was higher. The water was so high that I couldn't get to the spot I needed to photograph this waterfall the way I wanted. Last week, I had a spontaneous invitation to hike this trail again, and I jumped at the chance, knowing the water level would be low enough for me to venture out in the creek bed.

It was almost perfect. I definitely got the composition I was hoping for, but I hope to go back one more time later this month when the leaves have changed color and the sun is a little bit lower. Stay tuned.


Sophie said...

beautiful pictures, one more time ♥

AztcFireFlower said...

Lovely lovely photos. It makes me want to prepare for a few canyon hikes, here is Santa Monica....like this weekend!

Marisa said...

Many thanks, friends. ♥

laurelei said...

I clicked through to your blog from a comment you left years ago on Aesthetic Nest's chenille baby blanket tutorial...I wanted to know how yours turned out. Instead, I was blindsided by your images.

Your photography is amazing.

*le sigh* Oregon. Top of my bucket list. I've wanted to travel to the Lucky Strike mine for years, and now Kop's gone and died before I got off my keister. Something in my soul needs to go to Oregon.

-Laura, rockhound and maker and picture-taker by nature, wordsmith by trade.

Marisa said...

Thanks, Laura! I grew up in Oregon, but I've lived in a few other places. I always come back here. I feel more at peace wandering through a mossy forest than anywhere else in the world. Come visit!

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