06 July 2009

Today we shall play with clay

My 5 year old daughter is really enjoying clay sculpting lately. So when a 40% off coupon arrived in my inbox from Craft Warehouse, I knew just what to get with it:
We've had some problems with arms, tails, frog tongues, fingers and toes of our creations falling off in the past, so I did some research and decided to try armatures today. A long-legged waving spider is only possible with the help of a foil ball body holding together four pieces of wire to make eight legs!
So far, the spider is holding up great. We did lose a butterfly antenna, but there was no wire holding that on.

We also tried a suggestion from the package--a tic tac toe board! My daughter chose the colors, we made the board together, and she made the Os while I made the Xs. After it had baked and cooled, we played. So fun!


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