26 August 2009

Back to school "craft"

My daughter is starting kindergarten this year. Now, after two years of preschool, she knows what she needs to do to get ready for school. However, like many other 5 year olds I know, she is very easily distracted. It can be very difficult to get her out the door on time.

In anticipation of chaotic mornings, I decided to make a "Get Ready for School" chart with my daughter. It's a simple list of things she needs to accomplish by the time we leave for school.

I made the list and drew outlines of pictures, and she colored it in. You could also do this in your favorite word processing program and use clip art for the pictures. I intentionally left space on the right side for inserting times for each item, if necessary. So if the list alone is not enough to keep her on task, I can add a time to accomplish each item.
Wake up 6:00
Get dressed 6:45
Eat breakfast 7:00
We attached the sign to her bedroom door at her eye level, so it's easy for her to see. It would also be great in the kitchen, family room, hallway--wherever your child will see it repeatedly during the morning.

Hopefully this will help us all have happier, less stressful mornings.