17 September 2009

Corn mosaics

You know when you cut corn off the cob and some of the kernels stick together like bricks? It might just be my favorite thing in the world. Well, at least my favorite thing about corn. :) Not only do I love the look of them, with their kernels all lined up in neat little rows, but I love to pop them in my mouth and eat them. My 2 year old son calls them "corn towers." I think they look like corn "mosaics." Do you think anyone else loves them enough to give them a name?

As I was slicing down cob after cob to make a pasta salad, I couldn't help but snag one block from each batch before putting the rest into the bowl. Yum.

(Oh, and the pasta salad was really yummy, too! Cold pasta, leftover cold bbq chicken, corn, cucumber, and tomatoes. Great way to use up that late summer harvest!)


woolywoman said...

Son calls them "kernel clusters"

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