11 September 2009

Foodie Faces

In need of a fast, fun lunch? Entertaining a house full of hungry kids? Grab that bag of rice cakes that nobody eats and bite-sized pieces of, well, anything, and get those kids to make some Foodie Faces!

For Foodie Faces, you will need:
-Faces: rice cake, small tortilla, slice of bread, English muffin, crackers to make mini-faces, etc. Anything flat that is small enough for kids to handle. Round is preferred, but any shape will do.
-Glue: something you can spread on the face and stick features to, like peanut butter or cream cheese.
-Foodie Features: raid your fridge and pantry for these. The possibilities are endless. Some suggestions: fruit chunks, dried fruit, vegetable pieces, cheese cut or grated into strips or shapes, dry cereal, small crackers, nuts, chocolate chips, leftover noodles (great hair!)...whatever you want your kids to eat and/or need to get rid of.

If it's tiny or you can make it tiny, the kids will go for it. Your kid hates peas? Not on a Foodie Face. On a Foodie Face, they're green goblin eyes, and they squish when you bite 'em. Try it--you might be surprised. :)


Anonymous said...

I love your food things for kids! I did the pancakes yesterday and will try these rice cakes this weekend!

Marisa@make*happy said...

Hooray! Glad you're enjoying them. Have fun with your Foodie Faces!

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