20 September 2009

Oilcloth lunchsacks

Friday, I posted the link for these sew easy oilcloth lunchsacks from Skip to my Lou. (I apologize for the error in the link--I have now fixed it, and apologize for any difficulties!) I had enough oilcloth to make two full-sized bags and one mini bag, plus some leftover canvas (from this project) to make a canvas bag as well.

I made all four bags in less than two hours, including a break to stop and oil my sewing machine! They are so fast and so easy...you should definitely try it for yourself. I'm not sure if I'll actually use them as lunchsacks, as I prefer the insulated type, but I will definitely be using them as reusable gift bags.

As you can see, I used contrasting stitching for my black and white bags--turquoise on one, pink on the others. The black bag I kept all black, per my husband's request. He claimed that one right away. When I finished it, I handed it to him and he said, "Wow! It looks so professional!" It's nice to get such compliments from a non-crafter. :)


Bonnie said...

So smart! I love your blog BTW

Marisa@make*happy said...

Thanks, Bonnie! Have fun with your oilcloth projects.

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