12 October 2009

Mini Pizzas

My daughter saw an ad for Bagel Bites in a magazine recently. She said, "Oooh...can we get those?" Now, no offense to Heinz, and you readers are free to call me any names you like, but I will not buy Bagel Bites.

I took a chance that H really wanted tiny pizzas just her size. Do all kids love tiny foods as much as mine? If I could make miniature spinach leaves, they'd gobble them up.

So I took our regular pizza dough (I make mine in my bread machine; you can use your favorite recipe, store-bought dough, English muffins or bagels) and divided it into 12 balls, because we usually end up with 12 pieces when we make one big pizza. I flattened those balls into crusts (this part was so easy!) and arranged them on a greased cookie sheet. I topped and baked as usual (450°), but for less time. I think they were done in about five minutes.

Both kids were so excited when they saw their mini pizzas. Even more exciting? I cut them into eight tiny wedges, just like a real pizza. What a fun dinner.


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