21 October 2009

Tiny Caramel Apples

Last week, I took my kids to a local apple orchard and picked up quite a variety of apples, including these tiny Lady Apples. As I've said before, my daughter loves anything tiny--just her size--so when she saw these apples, she begged for some.

I had been putting them in her lunchbox for school, but with Halloween approaching, I was reminded of caramel apples and knew these would be just perfect. After all, when you get done eating the caramelly outside, who wants to eat all that leftover plain apple? When you use tiny apples, every bite contains caramel and apple.
Now, I'd love to tell you that I made my own caramel from scratch, but I didn't. I bought a bag of caramel at the store, unwrapped all those sticky little cubes, melted them in the microwave, and dipped away. Too easy. You should go find some tiny apples and try it yourself. :)


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