24 February 2010

corn chowder

Winter is on its way out. The tiny tulip leaves coming up in my yard tell me this. But in my neck of the woods, it's still cold and gray. A chilly, cloudy day like today just begs for a bowl of warm soup.

You're in luck. I have a healthy, meatless, gluten-free and tasty soup recipe right here for you. This recipe is adapted from a Sunset Magazine recipe. The original recipe called for 2 cups of heavy cream. That always makes me cringe a little. The soup was OK. But the next time I made it, I tried substituting soft tofu for the heavy cream and the soup really came alive. All the flavors of the vegetables were much more pronounced when no longer cloaked in cream. Adding protein, taking the calorie count waaay down, and making it taste better? I've made this soup countless times, but only the first time contained cream. I've never gone back to the original. Not once. And I never will.

Give it a try if you're having a soup kind of day. If you're feeling all Suzy Homemaker, you can even try these easy sage biscuits. They're really yummy and compliment the flavors of the soup well.


rebecca said...

cool. will have to try this next time!

Lisa Drake said...

tofu? interesting - I have a pretty good corn chowder recipe already, but that may be worth trying :)

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