04 February 2010

fun kid lunch: butterfly sandwiches

Here's another idea from a back issue of Your Big Backyard. In each issue, they include a recipe for a fun snack based on the theme of the month. This one is a butterfly. The wings are made from a piece of bread, cut diagonally. The body is a celery stick, and the antennae are tiny celery threads. I added Strawberry Quik powder to the cream cheese along with a little red food coloring to make strawberry cream cheese. (The recipe calls for red food coloring alone, but the strawberry flavor addition makes it more special, and gives you easy Mom Points.) Add raisins for spots and you're done. I served it with some grapes and half a hard boiled egg to boost her playtime power.

Best of all, H loves when I make the food look exactly like the picture. Double Mom Points.

Click here for the printable version.


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