16 February 2010

leftover creation: pork roast into pulled pork tacos

We had some friends over for dinner (and doughnuts!) recently, and we were chatting about slow cookers and pot roasts. My pot roasts always dry out in a slow cooker; our friend suggested cooking the roast for less time than called for in the recipe. Obvious, I know, but I tend to put a lot of trust in a printed and published recipe, and thus blame myself if something goes wrong.

So this time, Hubs bought a pork roast and we tried it, in the crock pot, with an oven-proof meat thermometer stuck in the middle of the roast. We cooked it on low just until it came up to proper temperature (see recipe), and the roast turned out significantly juicier. I will never slow-cook meat blindly again.

But you don't see a pork roast in that lovely photo up there, do you? No. Because the subject of this post is what we did with the roast the next night. On another suggestion from the above friend, we used our leftover pork roast for delicious pork tacos. Next time, I'm making the whole pork roast just for pork tacos. They were that good.

And the onions from the crock pot are so good, I had a plain onion taco. Yep. Corn tortilla with just onions in it. That's not normal for me, but it was some good grub.

Click here for the printable recipe. You should definitely try it!


Georgia said...

thank you for the recipe! i was trying to salvage my mediocre pork roast and discovered your site. was a great treat! :)

Anonymous said...

Made this with leftover shredded crock pot pork and it turned out amazing! The lime sour cream sauce was a nice accent. Thanks for the recipe.

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