22 February 2010

a visit from flat stanley

This is our new friend, Flat Stanley. He has come to visit our town from Portsmouth (UK) and will be staying with us for the week. Have you and your kids read Stanley's story? We have, and our library is participating in a Flat Stanley Project (similar, or perhaps the same as this). 

H made her own "Flat H" and, with the help of our library, is sending it to New York for a visit. (My raised-in-a-small-town girl is obsessed with big cities.) "Flat H" will then return to us with a log of where she's been, and hopefully pictures. We're doing the same for Flat Stanley, and will return him with a log and photos at the end of the week.

So far, he's watched a little tv, explored my sprouting daffodils and tulips, and done some rock climbing.
We're keeping him by the front door so we remember to take him with us when we leave. This morning, we took him to see H's school, our park, and the baseball field next to our house. I'll post photos again Friday when our week is done.
Have any of you had visits from Flat Stanley?


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