15 March 2010

happy birthday to me!

As some of you know, I celebrated a birthday over the weekend. Don't ask me which one. I'm still a little sensitive. To ease the pain, my family and friends have really pulled out all the stops and made this probably my best birthday yet. Truly, I have been spoiled over the last few days, and it has made me realized that I am one lucky girl to be surrounded by such beautiful, loving people.

On Wednesday, a friend threw me the perfect little surprise party, complete with princess tiaras and peanut butter pie. (I'll get the recipe soon, I promise.)

On Friday, Hubs and the kids presented me with a beautifully-wrapped stack of gifts and a collection of kid-made cards...
...and a chocolatey stack of cupcakes in a cup, shown in the top photo. Hubs got the idea from my gushing post on make happy's Facebook page about Mason Jar Cupcakes. Quite perceptive, that hubby of mine.

On Saturday, we had an equally perceptive friend over for dinner. I convinced her to make the one-hour drive to our house by telling her we had leftover cupcakes. She surprised me with a box full of the most perfect accompaniment:
Cupcake stands! Oh, how decadent. She got the idea from another Facebook post about these cupcake stands, in which I said, "I don't know why I need a cupcake stand, but I do. I really, really do."

They really take a simple cupcake to a whole new level, don't they? The sprinkles don't hurt, either.
I'm just blown away by the overwhelming generosity I've seen. The gifts, though fah-bulous, pale in comparison to how much love I have felt over these past few days. I'm a pretty humble gal most of the time, and when people display this level of affection, I almost don't know what to do. So I say "thank you" and smile and soak up all the love and store it away, so I'll have it with me on the next rainy day.

Hmm? Oh, you're wondering what was in those pretty wrapped gifts? Well, it's something I've had my eye on for quite a while now, but didn't expect to actually receive. Something that will help with the blogging and other various projects...at least, once I get the hang of it. :) For now, I'm still in the Oh my stage. Oh my.