10 May 2010

mother's day

Did all you Mommies have a nice Mother's Day? I did...despite the yardwork (and resulting sunburn in the one place I forgot to apply sunscreen) and puking toddler. Our weather was absolutely gorgeous and I awoke to this spectacular mountain view.

Hubs made my favorite breakfast (scrambled eggs and crispy hash browns), and H presented me with this card:
Speechless. Instant teary eyes. Hubs said he had no influence whatsoever...it was all her creation. That, right there, is what Mother's Day is all about.

Then Hubs plopped a little gift in front of me that changed my attitude from sappy tears to squee!
 My very own Mommy calling cards from Sarah + Abraham. Oh, how I love them! I'm going to give them to all my friends who already have my info, just because they're so cute. And I might just have to make a little carrying case for them...

Then I left Hubs to deal with the puker and the laundry and went outside to pull weeds. Inevitably, I always end up doing far more than planned in the yard, because I find more weeds that need to be pulled or reviving that planting bed takes more steps than I thought. It took me nearly all day, but I was quite productive.

I planted lots of new flowers.
I cleared weeds, tilled soil, and laid edging stones to prepare this bed for wildflower seeds from my sister's wedding.
[Ignore the deck. It's a work in progress.]

I cleared weeds from the garden, added some of my very own home-grown compost (first batch!), and planted some tomato plants and carrot seeds. I need to buy two more tomato plants, and when I do, I'll share my tomato planting trick.

All in all, a pretty great day. And today, my muscles are sore (in a good way), my sunburn is healing, and my puker is on the mend. Still doing laundry though....

Hope you had a great Mother's Day!


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