25 May 2010


Why does a vacation that is supposed to be relaxing start out so stressful? 

I loathe packing.

Posting may be sporadic this week and next, if I can post at all. Trip, then crazy-busy school/ballet/t-ball chaos. 

Hope you're all enjoying the late spring sunshine! Summer will be here before we know it.


babalisme said...

I actually do enjoy your messy packing picture.

have fun on your holidays!

Anonymous said...

Chances are that when I'm packing, I'm not going on an African Safari. Prudence and past experience has always that there will be either a Walmart, a Costco, or a Rite Aid within 10-15 minutes of where ever it is that I am. With that realization in mind, I have started packing much less and have been able to enjoy my trips more.

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