06 May 2010

rainbow garden party

Yesterday was H's rainbow garden birthday party. 
Everything was so bright and colorful! I am extremely happy with the way it all turned out.
Lilacs, my favorite, and at the peak of their blink-and-you'll-miss-it blooming stage.
Also California poppies, H's favorite. We have them in all colors, but the orange are first to bloom. You'll see more of these here throughout the summer, I'm sure.

H came home from school to find this:
Her jaw dropped. She said, "Woah."
That was the exact reaction I was going for!
Aren't these paper mobiles amazing? More about those soon.

H and her twin besties took a few minutes to explore the room before the rest of the guests arrived.

When the guests arrived, we got right to work. 
First on the agenda: decorating pots with rainbow-colored permanent markers.
After the pots were decorated, we headed outside to plant some nasturtium seeds in each pot. Kids love nasturtium because they're bright, colorful, easy to grow, and edible. One of H's faves, for sure.

Then we all had turns whacking the pinata. It was a tough one!
Even J got a turn.
After two rounds of kid turns, I finally had to bust it open. 
No one got injured in the mad dash for tiny toys. 
Well, maybe the pinata.
 Finally, it was cake time.
(Drum roll, please.)

There were lots of oohs and aahs when I cut into this cake.

Bonus: Everyone said it was delicious! 
Yes, with pretty colors, marshmallow fondant, and three (yes, three) batches of buttercream frosting, even dirt would probably taste delicious.

(More on the cake and decorations in the next few days. Any questions? Leave me a comment and I'll address them in my posts tomorrow and Monday.)


Megan said...

Wow. Fabulous job :) It looks like an enviable birthday party for sure!

Bcieloha said...

And the "Best House for Birthday's Because the Lucky Kid's Mom Rocks" award goes to..... You! :D

Christine Hoffman said...

Whoa! is right....that it beyond fabulous.
What a lucky, lucky girl, and a very talented mom. My birthday is Sunday....wanna come do a party for me?! :)

Marisa@make*happy said...

Megan and Brittney--thanks! :)

Christine--Thank you to you, too. It was definitely fun, but I don't think I'll be ready to do another one by Sunday. Maybe next year. :) And happy birthday! Are you making pie?

Anonymous said...

Holy fondant batman! No seriosly I am impressed with your fondant skill!

Kirsten said...

You know, come to think of it, you probably could make dirt taste good! You've got a gift.

patricia said...

What a cute theme! My weakness of course are those paper mobiles!!! They look wonderful! I can't even imagine attempting to make a cake like that. Wow. Baking is not on my list of successful ventures.

Trav said...

This cake was simply amazing to behold in person! Usually, cakes this visually stunning end up tasting rather blah; however, I was really surprised (and not because of any lack of skill by the baker, though it is a little surprising that an important ingredient wasn't forgotten or incorrectly measured) at how moist and taste bud pleasing the cake turned out to be. The cake was moist enough that it didn't give me that feeling that I needed to drink a glass of milk afterward. AND, I prefer pie normally, as can be verified by previous posts in this blog, but this is an exception.

While I wasn't at the party itself, I can vouch for the significant amount of work that went into preparing the mobiles, cake, and other decorations to make this one exactly what was ordered by the birthday girl. Coming right before Mother's Day, this mama has earned all of the love and attention of her family when it is her day.

Thanks for the tremendous effort you put forth to make the kids feel so special and showing them that the details matter.

I love you!

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