08 July 2010

marshmallow brownies

I was raised in a family of mix-bakers. It was years before I knew one could make brownies or cake from scratch. And frosting came in a plastic tub; the leftovers lived in the fridge, doled out bit by bit as a filling for graham cracker sandwich cookies.

Of course, I'm quite familiar now with the world of scratch baking. I will never buy frosting in a tub again. But I have yet to find a scratch brownie recipe that gives the same rich chocolatey flavor and dark, warm brown color of a brownie mix. (You may notice these scratch brownies are a little on the grey side.)

Don't get me wrong--these scratch brownies from First Look, Then Cook are very tasty. Probably the best scratch brownie recipe I've tried yet. That marshmallow layer is awesome. And that frosting? Mmm...cocoa-y, ever so slightly grainy...just looking at the pictures, I can almost taste it. 

Oh, and FYI, the frosting set in about half an hour, allowing me to sneak two giant brownies into an evening movie with my bestie. (Shhh…don't tell anyone, but we saw Eclipse. And we actually weren't the oldest women there.)
Do you have a scratch brownie recipe that beats a brownie mix? 

Please share. 

I'd love to try it.


house 09 said...

I am not that talented of a cook... but these look pretty perfect to me ;)

jackie kersh said...

those brownies fit perfectly with the title of your blog! yum.

Anonymous said...

These look so goood.....smiles.

Sue said...

I have a great one, it's not from scratch but it's not from one box either, but they are awesome! I am begged to make them alot at home.
3 ingredient brownies
1 choc cake mix, 1 box choc pudding mix, 1 bag choc chips.
Mix pudding as directed on package. Add dry cake mix, stir together, fold in choc chips.
Put in greased 9x13 dish, bake 30-40 min 350degree oven until cooked in center, cool , sprinkle with icing sugar.Yum, yum.
Those brownies with marshmellows do look awesome too!

Marisa said...

Wow, Sue! That recipe sounds amazing! I'll add it to my list to try, for sure.

Anonymous said...

I just ate the BEST brownie I have ever had this past week. My bestie made them from scratch and I told her she had to post them on her blog so I can send you the link. They were so pretty and so GOOD. Plus they had choc. chips in them too which is a major plus in my book. I wasn't the only one that liked them either. My dad said that "they were to die for"!!

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