13 August 2010

weeding the blog

No, those aren't weeds. They're garlic scapes. Tasty tendrils produced by garlic plants that provide a mild garlic taste. I used some a while back in guacamole. Delicious. Hubs made a stir fry with the rest of them. While it was tasty, the stir fry was not very photogenic, so my idea for a second garlic scape post went out the window. I've been hanging on to this pretty picture for a few months now, waiting for the right time to use it. But summer is nearing an end and it will soon be irrelevant, so I'm using it today.

What I mean by "weeding the blog" is that I've got a few things to share with you, but none are so big to require their own post--so I'm tending to the blog, doing some maintenance, "weeding" it. (It's a stretch, I know.)

1) I'm quite displeased with the way Blogger is handling my extra large photos lately. I'm currently trying the Flickr method for posting photos. I have a feeling it will be more work than I want. We'll see.

2) I've grown tired of referring to my children as "H" and "J." There are lots of bloggers out there that use real names; full names, even. I sometimes envy their confidence. But Hubs and I are just a little too cautious of the Internet world to do that. So I'm going to try out nicknames, which I hope will be cute, but not annoyingly so.

So J, my almost 3yr old son, will now be referred to as The Little Mister.
H, my 6-going-on-16yr old daughter, will now be known as Sweetpea.

I reserve the right to vary the nicknames at times. But they will most likely be gender specific, so I hope it's not too confusing.

3) I spent all last week trying out new recipes. I would find something on a blog in the morning and be cooking it by 5pm. I love weeks like that! It's my kind of spontaneity.

I looked at my photo records of these new recipes, and most of them were breakfast-related. So next week I'm going to share my new breakfast ideas with you. I hope you're a breakfast-lover like I am. I would be thrilled to eat breakfast foods for every meal, every day.  

OK, so I'd have to throw a burger in every now and then. But a steady diet of scrambled eggs and crispy hash browns would make me a happy girl.

What's your favorite breakfast food?