20 September 2010

beginner bento

Bento-style lunches are pretty popular these days. I have yet to find a bento-style box that both my kids will be able to operate, and I'll be able to reasonably clean daily. My search continues. (If you have a favorite, please share in the comments!)

But on one of our last trips to Portland, I really wanted the convenience of a whole lunch in one container. I may be adept at eating in the car, but the kids are still learning and haven't quite mastered eating from multiple containers without making a mess. So I decided to make my own "bento."
Half a bagel sandwich (cream cheese and turkey, yum!), cucumbers and cherry/pear tomatoes from the garden, and a surprise little brownie. (My poor kids rarely get "treats" in their lunches.)

It all fit in one little container (love my glass Pyrex!). I was happy with less mess, my girl was happy because it was cute, and Little Mister was happy because he got to eat his dessert first.
Do you bento?


Cathy said...

My kids are 3 and 2 so there's no packing lunches around here yet. I don't know if this lunchbox is bento or not but I came across it a while ago and I think it's dang cute. Looks kid friendly enough.


RootsAndWingsCo said...

I do Bento. I'm actually just starting to show some of my lunches on my website! I LOVE it, and it is getting my kids to eat more, which is why I do it...that and the bonus that they know I care and was thinking of them! I use the Laptop Lunch Box system and LOVE it. I've had it 2 years now. My sister has had hers 3 years now and they are all holding up strong!

The Mother Lode said...

I want to feature this on my blog - such a great way to give Bento a go!

Mrs. Potts said...

I don't have to pack lunches for anybody yet, but I've been admiring these for a while:


annekata said...

I'm a bit late to comment, but I just found your lovely blog...The planet box seems a great option: http://www.planetbox.com/
My friend Maya from mayamade wrote a great review here:
I use the Laptop Lunch Box, and it has been working fine, but a steel version would make me feel more comfortable.
Have a great weekend,

Marisa said...


Thank you for your comment. (Never too late!) I follow Maya's blog, so I saw her review. I think I focused more on the super cool tiffin holder, though! I do think that the Planet Box is what I'm looking for. I love the stainless steel. It may still have the falling crumb issues though, if my daughter can't get it closed properly. Maybe I should ask Planet Box to send me one to try. :) Or I suppose I could just ask Maya for a more in-depth review...

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