20 September 2010

beginner bento

Bento-style lunches are pretty popular these days. I have yet to find a bento-style box that both my kids will be able to operate, and I'll be able to reasonably clean daily. My search continues. (If you have a favorite, please share in the comments!)

But on one of our last trips to Portland, I really wanted the convenience of a whole lunch in one container. I may be adept at eating in the car, but the kids are still learning and haven't quite mastered eating from multiple containers without making a mess. So I decided to make my own "bento."
Half a bagel sandwich (cream cheese and turkey, yum!), cucumbers and cherry/pear tomatoes from the garden, and a surprise little brownie. (My poor kids rarely get "treats" in their lunches.)

It all fit in one little container (love my glass Pyrex!). I was happy with less mess, my girl was happy because it was cute, and Little Mister was happy because he got to eat his dessert first.
Do you bento?