01 December 2010

arrivederci, friends.

Some lovely, wonderful friends of ours left today to start a new chapter of their lives. A new home, a new state, a new coast. We will miss them terribly, but are so excited for their journey. Arrivederci, friends.

I wanted to send something with them–a little piece of us–but nothing so big it would add to their cargo. I sat down and thought...and thought...and remembered that the last time one of Sweetpea's friends moved away, she really enjoyed mailing notes to him. I decided to put together a little pack of blank notecards (perfect for their little ones to decorate) and some stamps (Forever Stamps, so they don't have to worry about cost increases), so the kids can easily send notes to their friends here when they're missing the Northwest. Because they will. Who wouldn't?

Sweetpea helped decorate a card for the front, and I made sure to include our address as a hint that we would appreciate a note from time to time. Sweetpea is excited to have a new pen pal.

I used my handy dandy mom cards from sarah+abraham to include our contact info. 
I just love those little cards.

Long live paper, the US Postal Service and handwritten notes!