05 December 2010

baby shower: deconstructed

I was originally planning to have my sister's baby shower at my mother-in-law's house. But then I realized that with a green and brown theme, my green and brown house would be the perfect setting. I didn't need to make many decorations, because my paint, furniture and accessory colors helped "decorate" for me. It also meant that I could reuse many of the decorations around my house for months to come. That may or may not have been planned as soon as I heard of the green and brown shower theme.

These little evergreen trees decorating the table behind the cocoa bar?

They stayed in their burlap wrap and decorated my armoire very nicely.
I've always wanted to decorate with these little trees. 
They're just adorable.
Though they are very, very thirsty little buggers.
(The pic is a little blurry, but it was the least blurry of the bunch.)

The paper bag wreath from the front door?
 It now adorns the door to my coat closet and makes me smile whenever I walk past.

I even pulled the mums out of the flower arrangement 
after the other flowers began to wilt.

 The green and blue look so fresh and pretty together.

And now, the mums have died. 
But the evergreens live on, and have become wonderful additions 
to my winter decorations.
 The cinnamon sticks have carried over, too. 

It feels so satisfying to reuse things. 
What do you like to reuse in your home?
Do any of your fall accessories survive the switch to winter?

I'm also planning to recycle this pennant banner for my holiday cards.
If I can stop procrastinating, you'll see those soon.