20 December 2010


I am thankful today that this blogging experience has introduced me to friends around the world.

I am thankful for Christine (of Pies & Aprons), who I met through blogging and who sent me this lovely yarn wreath out of the blue. (Pun intended.)

I am thankful it works perfectly with the blue walls in my bedroom, the one room I hadn't spruced up for the holidays.

A proper thank you is on its way, Christine.

I am thankful for extended business trips coming to an end.

I am thankful for creative children.

I am thankful for inches of soft, bright white snow and the physical ability to shovel it myself.

I am thankful for gifts opened early to facilitate celebration preparations.

I am thankful for the reflective properties of glitter.

I am thankful to you lovely readers, for your encouragement and your inspiring talents.

I am thankful for the magical powers of coffee.

I am thankful for so many, many things.

What are you thankful for today?


Megan said...

Ooo- that is a cool gift! I do love my Kitchenaid.. but the professional series models can power through so much more :)

Summer said...

I love the wreath. It's beautiful!

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