05 February 2011

a small change

A while back, I started a formspring page so you guys could ask me questions, anonymously if desired. It occurred to me that it's easy to ask questions (in that cute little box over there <---), but it might not be so obvious where to find the answers. Before, you had to go over to my formspring page to find the answers.

But I've decided to incorporate those questions into the blog. Answers to questions from the "ask here" box will now be published in the "q&a" page above, along with my former "faq" questions. Hopefully having everything in the same place will make the question-and-answer process easier.

Please remember that you can always leave comments on individual posts for post-specific questions, and email me with questions (especially if you don't want them published): makehappymama at gmail dot com.

Have a great weekend!

(Update: I'm having a little trouble with the formspring page, so only the most recent question & answer have been published on the blog. But I'll have them all up soon.)