12 March 2011

twelve on the twelfth

01) I turn 32 today. Most times I'm fine with it. Age is just a number. I really feel 19.
02) But the crow's toes (not full-fledged feet yet) and aching back tell me I am far from my teenage years.
03) A new top and new shoes do wonders for a girl's confidence. Gotta love sassy days.
04) I watched some footage of Japan's quake and tsunami damage last night. Such utter trauma and devastation. I'm hugging Hubs and the kids extra, thankful for how fortunate we are to be safe today.
05) Hubs and I made a plan last night for a meeting place in the event of a similar quake (we're prone to those in the NW, being part of that Pacific ring), assuming cell service is down. Have to plan in advance in case we can't reach each other.
06) Making tiramisu for the first time today. Can't wait.
07) Using whipped cream instead of raw egg yolks. For safety's sake. Though I did come across this the other day, and may try it next time.
08) Bought some new yarn and needles and am planning to make a lacy scarf. Just in time for, um, spring. Yeah.
09) Getting a head start on next winter is a great thing.
10) Wanting to make a hat to match. Any pattern suggestions?
11) Love to watch the birds outside my window. I ♥ birdfeeders.
12) Looking around me right now, I see lots of comfort amidst the clutter. I am embracing my imperfect, loving home. No cleaning today.

Have a happy weekend.


Cathy said...

Happy birthday! Love the shoes and top! Oh, and the blog too! I linked to you in my last post. I tried the "indoor sandbox" with my little guy. Thanks for the great idea!

Christine said...

such a sweet list for the start of your 32nd year:) happy day-enjoy every minute of it!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Marisa! Sorry I am a day late. Got sick kiddos around here.

Love your new top and seeing your face on the blog! :) And I love the 12 on the 12th. Such a fun idea for list lovers.

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