22 April 2011

happy earth day!

We've been celebrating Earth Week around here. . . getting the garden ready for planting, pulling weeds at home and at school, giving the compost bins a good stir. 

This morning, Sweetpea shouted "Happy Earth Day!" as soon as she rolled out of bed. She has dreams of cars that run solely on solar energy, proclaims we are saving the world with our cloth napkins and rescues worms from the road. She's my little environmentalist, and I love it. She was so excited, she whipped this out before breakfast (on a school day, no less):

I was working on an Earth Day art project of my own, but mine took a little longer. You know, since I was the one making that breakfast. I'll have to show her after school.

We had a layer of frost this morning, but I do believe that spring is finally here. Loving the new blooms in the yard. 

Thank you, Earth, for all your gifts.