15 May 2011

blog (mis)direction

If you've been following MakeHappy for the last few months, you know I recently acquired my first dslr. You may also know that I've committed to shooting in manual mode, so I can really learn to use my powerful camera and have ultimate control to get the images I want. My old point-and-shoot, a Canon S5iS, was fantastic. I loved it. But each time I took a photo with it, I knew that photo would be just a bit better with a dslr. I was completely right, and I have not looked back.

So I'm learning this fantastic new tool, new for me art form, and I really want to be able to share my journey and receive constructive feedback. My first thought was to start a new (another) blog, but the thought of maintaining three blogs is a little overwhelming. Plus–and this is the real problem–I can't figure out what to call it!

I thought about sharing on Flickr, but I'd be a too-tiny fish in the huge flickr pool. 

My current idea is to designate a day on this blog for my photos, like a “Photo Friday” or MaggieMakes' “weekend in pictures.” So that's what I'm trying here. 

Now, I need you to tell me:
  • If you like the idea of having photos (not related to food+crafts) on MakeHappy
  • If you would rather come here just for food+craft inspiration
  • If you have any name suggestions for a photo-only blog (cuz it's driving me crazy)
  • If you have any other photo/blog/sharing related suggestions
  • If you have any constructive criticism for my lilac photos (I'm not fishing for compliments here. I obviously like them, or I wouldn't post them. I need to learn, so if you know something I don't, teach me. Make suggestions.)

Thanks friends. I really like our little community here, and I want to make sure you're on board for any changes I make. Hope you're having a great weekend!