12 June 2011

shredded potato “pizza”

Friday, I saw this post on the kitchn about making a “pizza” with a shredded potato crust. The post boasted pizza in fifteen minutes using vegetables. Only slightly misleading, as I don't really consider the potato a real vegetable. I needed a quick dinner and wanted to use the garlic scapes I had just plucked from my garden, so this seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

I followed the vague directions as closely as possible, but my results were less than impressive. My “crust” completely fell apart and was hard to get out of the pan. (It didn't stick, but was too floppy to remove easily.) Granted, I'm still learning to use my cast iron skillet, but it would have helped to have a precise measurement of potato shreds for each pizza. My guess is that my potato layer was too thick.

However, the messy mass of potato shreds topped with mozzarella, marinara, garlic scapes and an over-easy egg tasted great, despite its lack of shape. The kids liked it, and Hubs stated, “You will be making this again.” So I guess it's a winner. And I'll be sure to try smaller “pizzas,” with a thinner layer of potatoes next time.

When you try a new recipe and it flops, do you banish it or do you give it another shot?