26 June 2011

water glass xylophone

The little mister saw this idea on an episode of Cat in the Hat, and begged me to do it. What's a little water mess, right? I was a little worried he'd bang too hard and break the glasses, but he did fine. This is a fun, free, simple activity that anyone can do. Perfect for summer days, as you can do it inside if it's too hot, or outside for super easy cleanup.

You need: 
  • Three or more glasses
  • Water, preferably in a child-friendly pitcher
  • Chopstick, spoon, or other tapping/banging utensil (use your judgment to find the best tool for your child)
+ Fill the glasses with varying levels of water. More water = low sound; less water = high sound.

+ If you're feeling adventurous, let your child add water from the pitcher and redistribute water in the glasses.

+ For extra demonstration, have your child tap on an empty glass and keep tapping as you fill it with water. Listen to the sound change as the water level changes.

+ Have a towel handy for large spills. Have your child help clean up when you're done. They think it's fun!


Anonymous said...

Taking it old school with the kids activities eh? LOVE it! :) Hope you and the littles have a great day!

Cathy said...

I was just thinking of doing this with my kids. I think we'll add a few drops of food coloring too. And do it outside. I'm not so good with messes.

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