26 June 2011

water glass xylophone

The little mister saw this idea on an episode of Cat in the Hat, and begged me to do it. What's a little water mess, right? I was a little worried he'd bang too hard and break the glasses, but he did fine. This is a fun, free, simple activity that anyone can do. Perfect for summer days, as you can do it inside if it's too hot, or outside for super easy cleanup.

You need: 
  • Three or more glasses
  • Water, preferably in a child-friendly pitcher
  • Chopstick, spoon, or other tapping/banging utensil (use your judgment to find the best tool for your child)
+ Fill the glasses with varying levels of water. More water = low sound; less water = high sound.

+ If you're feeling adventurous, let your child add water from the pitcher and redistribute water in the glasses.

+ For extra demonstration, have your child tap on an empty glass and keep tapping as you fill it with water. Listen to the sound change as the water level changes.

+ Have a towel handy for large spills. Have your child help clean up when you're done. They think it's fun!