25 August 2011

photo friday. thirteen. san juan favorites.

I promise. No more San Juan discussions. 
Just some of my favorite photos that didn't make it into the earlier posts. 
Next week I'll tell you all about Little Mister's Truck Party!

Have a great weekend!


Sophie said...

thank you for those lovely pictures

Auntie M (and T #1) said...

looking at that dragonfly..how big WAS it?? your uncle and I used to catch them..carefully...from behind, you could grab their bodies.
it was summer. we were bored..


Marisa said...

Probably 4 inches? I wouldn't dare grab one, though. What if its wings started flapping?? :shudder:

Emily said...

Beautiful sunset and orca shots! I just posted an orca shot on my blog the other day :o). I love the San Juan Islands. Thank you for sharing!

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