21 October 2011

flowers & chocolates

Hubs surprised the kids and I with a delivery of flowers, balloons and chocolates today. Just because. What a sweet guy! We're so lucky to have him. I love those purpley leaves that came in the arrangement. Does anyone know what they are?

Oddly enough, I was just Googling recipes for peppermint brownies because I needed something chocolatey. Crisis averted! His timing has never been so good. 

I don't think I've ever told you about these chocolates. Wind River Chocolates. They are wonderful. They're locally made, so if you live anywhere near the Columbia River Gorge, I highly recommend trying some. They are available for shipping, I believe, but bear in mind that they are freshly made with pure ingredients, no preservatives. As you can see below, they are meant to be eaten within two weeks. Ours might not last the day.

Have a great weekend!
Give your loved ones a hug, just because.


Sophie said...

mmmh ! quel bonheur ces petits présents ! Ces chocolats ont l'air délicieux !

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