16 November 2011

first snow

Lots of pictures ahead!
We had our first snow this morning,
and I got a wee bit excited.

I love snow!

This little hummingbird hung out in our maple, flitting over to the feeder for the occasional sip of sugar water. He stuck around while I changed lenses, thank goodness. Then I stood, poised, focused on the feeder, waiting for him to come back. I took a few photos of the more plentiful juncos while I waited.

Finally the hummingbird was ready for his close up. I struggle with exposure on hummingbird photos. I need a high shutter speed to catch the wings, and I can't open my aperture too much or he'll never be in focus. I think I need to move our feeder further out from the shade.

After chilling my fingers taking photos, I came inside to warm up with a latte. Ashleigh's 1Word photography assignment this week was “coffee.” It's a treat to take photos of one of my favorite things. :) You can see the other lovely coffee images here, and check back soon for a giveaway provided by Ashleigh!


silly nana said...

I love the hummer photos! You did a great job-I'm glad he cooperated too!! s.n. (silly nana)

Cathy said...

Great pictures, Marisa! I love the snow too...just not driving in it.

Sophie said...

Great !!

La neige est quelque chose de très rare ici

Marisa said...

Thanks Sophie! Snow was very rare for me when I was a child, living just an hour west of my current home. So now, with all this snow, it's like I'm a kid all over again. :)

Sophie said...

Je peux facilement l'imaginer !♥

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