04 December 2011

holiday decorating light

By “Holiday Decorating Light,” I mean I'm decorating with a light touch. This is not a tutorial on the proper illumination for your holiday decorations. :) We all know twinkle lights are best for that!

I've been under some stress lately, and for me, stress + clutter means I turn into a crazy person. So I tried to balance my need for empty space with my kids' need for holiday cheer. A few bottle brush trees, which I've decided to start collecting because I love them. A few red, green and gold touches around a framed photo, some candy cane love, and my latest HomeGoods score—a driftwood tree. I love that tree so much, I think I'll leave it up all year.

Do you like my new candle pillars? I nabbed those from our local reusable building material center for $10. That's $10 for the pair, people! They're old table legs or stair banister uprights, and I just had Hubs saw a few inches off the end of one to vary their heights. I haven't even touched the finish because I love them rustic and marred.

How about you? Any great finds lately? What's your holiday decorating style?


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