14 January 2012

14/366 manual focus

My fun find on the P&S for the day? Manual focus. Isn't that funny? A little button you hold, then tab up and down to change focus. It's not very precise, but it's something new for me.

Here's one in focus, in case the fuzzy one bothered you.

The kids and I went out and played in the yard today. The sun was fading fast, and there is snow/rain in the forecast for the next two weeks. I'm really really hoping for some snow. We're overdue! So enjoy the forsythia buds and the dried hydrangeas that should have been cut months ago, because tomorrow, I will have snow pictures.


Sophie said...

J'espère également de la neige pour toi ! Ici le givre est enfin apparu pour la première fois de l'hiver !! Le gel n'était pas encore arrivé !!

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