17 January 2012

17/366 provisions


We've got about an inch of snow and it's raining right now, but the forecast still says we can expect 6-17 inches of snow between now and Wednesday evening. We trekked to the grocery store to pick up a few essentials in case we're snowed in tomorrow.

When we came home, the kids played in the backyard. Every time it snows, Sweetpea wants to build a snowman. But you know how it goes—she starts out helping and gets tired after five minutes so I end up doing it all. Today, though, she built her own little snow person all by herself! I was so proud of her. (The photo is a little blurry because I had the iPod covered with a plastic bag to keep it dry.) Right after this was taken, she tried to put on some rock buttons and the whole thing fell over. She cried. Poor kiddo.

Rest easy, little snowperson. We'll try again tomorrow.


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