06 January 2012

6/366 le désespoir de la lune

This is me today.
Sweetpea came home from school grumpy today, too.
It's like a fun little preview of how things will be when she's a hormonal teenager and our cycles are in sync. Won't that be fun? I'm guessing Hubs and Little Mister will just end up leaving the house for a day or two when that happens.

But it's the weekend, finally.
And you're not grumpy.
So I'll leave you with some less grumpy images.
Frosty leaves?
That's fun.

How about some starling bullies guarding the new suet feeder?
That one on the left looks pretty intimidating.
Starlings are mean, but they have gorgeous feathers.
They're even more handsome in summer, when they're black and iridescent.

We also had a visit today from a little hawk—I think a sharp-shinned hawk. The pictures I got aren't worth posting (and they're a little graphic),  but it was pretty cool for a bird nerd like me to see him hovering over his bird prey, covering it with his wing, and plucking it with his beak. Go Nature!

Enjoy your weekend!


Cathy said...

Hope you're less grumpy today. Maybe you need some chocolate. I know I do.

Life with Kaishon said...

I am so sorry you had a bad day. I feel like that so often in the winter. I don't know what it is. The gray days overwhelm me. Fortunately this weekend we had 60 degree days. How fantastic is that? : )

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