27 January 2012

felt heart bookmarks

As I mentioned on the MakeHappy Facebook page, the kids and I tried some hand-sewing on one of our snowed-in days last week. We made felt heart bookmars, inspired by this post. We think they are really cute, and the kids had fun sewing them. I was nervous giving my little guy a needle and thread, but he did a wonderful job and was so patient while I helped his sister. His is the blue, hers is the red. She went all out and added her teacher's name in beads. (I don't think her teacher knows about this blog, so hopefully her Valentine gift will remain a surprise!)

My only issue with these is that I don't love the way the paper clip wrinkles the pages when used as bookmarks. I like to keep my books pristine. Do you have any suggestions for something else?

1) Sturdy, not paper
2) Can be sewn/attached inside the felt heart sandwich
3) Doesn't wrinkle pages when used as bookmark