17 February 2012

48/366 miles to go

You guys are going to love me today. Who doesn't love pictures of slugs, up close and slimy? 

No, you're right. Slugs are gross. I may have gagged a few times while taking and editing these photos. But they're kind of. . . cute?. . . the way they turn their heads and appear to be sniffing the ground like dogs. Legless slimy puppies, that's what they are.

This guy and his buddy are about an inch long, so you're seeing them much bigger than life size on your screen. I'm sure the people that drove by thought I was a nut laying on my belly in the wet rocks, but it was worth it.


Cathy said...

Yuck. They are cute-ish in their own slimy little way. My kids love them so they can't be all bad.

Sophie said...

I don't like those little animals, but your pictures are great !

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