05 February 2012

alphabet toy line-up

Last week, Marta posted the alphabet line-up she did with her preschooler. I thought it was the perfect type of activity for my guy, and we tried it right away. He was initially uninterested, but I told him I was going to start without him, and he joined in pretty quickly. We struggled with X (as expected) and N. So weird that we couldn't find much around the house that began with N. I remember we had problems with N on our alphabet scavenger hunt last year.

Our finds:
A: apple
B: bridge
C: calculator
D: dump truck
E: elephant
F: Francesco Bernoulli
G: garbage truck
H: hammer
I: iPod
J: jet
K: knife (“No, Mom. Nuh, nuh, knife starts with N.”)
M: measuring tape
N: note
O: orange
P: person
Q: quarter
R: ruler
S: sunglasses
T: Thomas on train tracks
U: umbrella
V: Volkswagen
W: weight
X: helicopter rotor shaped like an X
Y: yellow plane
Z: zippered pouch

I think we'll try again in a few weeks to see if we can come up with new items for each letter. It's a great rainy day activity!

These photos were taken with my 20mm lens. I'm not thrilled with them. I really need to practice with the 20mm more. Any wide angle tips?