05 February 2012

alphabet toy line-up

Last week, Marta posted the alphabet line-up she did with her preschooler. I thought it was the perfect type of activity for my guy, and we tried it right away. He was initially uninterested, but I told him I was going to start without him, and he joined in pretty quickly. We struggled with X (as expected) and N. So weird that we couldn't find much around the house that began with N. I remember we had problems with N on our alphabet scavenger hunt last year.

Our finds:
A: apple
B: bridge
C: calculator
D: dump truck
E: elephant
F: Francesco Bernoulli
G: garbage truck
H: hammer
I: iPod
J: jet
K: knife (“No, Mom. Nuh, nuh, knife starts with N.”)
M: measuring tape
N: note
O: orange
P: person
Q: quarter
R: ruler
S: sunglasses
T: Thomas on train tracks
U: umbrella
V: Volkswagen
W: weight
X: helicopter rotor shaped like an X
Y: yellow plane
Z: zippered pouch

I think we'll try again in a few weeks to see if we can come up with new items for each letter. It's a great rainy day activity!

These photos were taken with my 20mm lens. I'm not thrilled with them. I really need to practice with the 20mm more. Any wide angle tips?


Cathy said...

Fun! We'll have to try that soon. I'm just glad you didn't use xylophone for x. For some reason that just bugs me.

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