06 February 2012

favorite: kale

I am in love.
I walked in to Trader Joe's (an hour's drive from my house) last weekend and the first thing I saw was this bag of kale. This beautiful, amazing bag of pre-washed kale was sitting on the shelf so nonchalantly, as if bags of pre-washed kale were available at every grocery store. No flashing neon signs to draw attention to such a wonderful thing. I was flabbergasted and threw two into my cart before anyone else could grab them.

Now, I know I live in a small town. Our grocery selections are not as broad as those in larger cities. Is pre-washed kale a new thing?

I love eating kale.

I detest washing kale.

Dirt hides in all those curls and folds and has to be scrubbed out. I bought flat-leaf (lacinato) kale seeds for the garden for easier washing, but still had to scrub them because of the bugs. (They looked like aphids. I need to try ladybugs this year.)

Finding pre-washed, pre-cut kale was the highlight of my week.

I've been eating it every day since. I threw some in a barley and bean minestrone. I sautéed some with quinoa and nuts for breakfast. (Yes, really. That's how much I love kale!) Today it was sautéed beside huevos rancheros à la Smitten Kitchen (minus the cheese and beans).  Cutting out the prep work makes this my new favorite ingredient. I'm going to be traveling to Trader Joe's a lot more often.

My heart is so happy.



I am really trying to get on the kale bandwagon but I just haven't loved anything I made with it. :(

I also found the prewashed kale at our local wal-mart this week!

The nearest Trader Joes is about 2 hours away from us.

Cathy said...

I've never tried kale. We may not have Trader Joe's close by but Cabela's is just up the street. That's pretty cool right? Probably no kale there.

Grandpa Bill said...

Might not rush right down and get some.

My find was a stick blender; pureed Winco's dehydrated veggies, an onion, and half a yellow squash in 2 minutes IN THE POT! Beats thin broth every time. $9.99 at Grocery Outlet.

Geez, Cathy's funny. Maybe Cabela's has kale jerky.

carol said...

I have a new recipe for kale and carrot salad with dried cranberries and pecans. I will have to email it to you. We love kale too.

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