05 March 2012

65/366 unstable

“How was your day?”

How do I answer this? It was sunny, and then it rained. I was happy, then worried, then scared, then joyous, then angry, more worry, then triumphant, then sad. I encouraged some people; I let others down. I did the best that I could, but that wasn't always good enough. I feel sad that it wasn't good enough, but I know that is sometimes out of my control.

So I say,
“It was ok. How was yours?”

I survived. I'm still here. I'm still breathing.
Still moving forward.

How was your day?


JoeBee said...

Sorry you had a bum day sis...The kale was a hit for me...Britt liked it OK, but thought it was bitter. Just makes me want to find other ways to cook it. Cant wait to see you guys Friday!!

Cathy said...

Mine was a lot like yours...minus the cool raindrop pictures. Here's hoping today is better.

Anonymous said...

Well put! Love your blog, Hope you have a better day,

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