07 March 2012

67/366 mom, come look!

“Your glass is making the Eiffel Tower!”

I've been working on this 366 project for a little over two months. I've thought about quitting approximately ten times. I haven't yet forgotten to take a picture, rushing to take one at night, as I expected I would. Some days, I take a picture at breakfast time just so I don't have to think all day about what my picture will be. I am constantly judging quality of light, thinking about composition, framing images even when I don't have my camera with me. That alone is helping my photography tremendously.

Editing and posting every day hasn't been as difficult as I thought. It has taken time away from the Blurb books I'm working on, but I tend to find any little excuse to avoid those anyway.

I find myself being more decisive. I will choose not to take a picture if the light isn't right, unless the moment needs to be captured regardless (like the Eiffel Tower, above). I can take a series of seven photos of the same thing and delete all but one, instead of keeping two or three because I just can't decide which I like best.

I find myself taking photos of the silliest things, like my empty and unattractive lunch dishes, just because I like the way the light is reflecting off the table.

I recently read Jim Zuckerman's book, Pro Secrets to Dramatic Digital Photos. I really liked it. It contained a lot of “tips” that I already knew, and some that I didn't agree with, but his comparison of great photos to great graphic design really turned a light on for me. He included some great photographic examples to illustrate his points. I recommend the book, but as with all books, I recommend checking it out from your local library before purchasing. I love our local library! 

Every time I think about quitting this project, I reaffirm my commitment to finish it. Honestly, if I quit, I'd still be judging light and framing images in my head every day. I'd still take pictures for practice every day. (Or at least close to every day.) I figure this is like learning a new language—the best way to learn is with immersion and structured daily practice. So this year, photography. Next year, I'll tackle Spanish.

Are you doing a photography project this year? Or something else that requires a daily commitment? How's it going for you?


Cathy said...

I'm glad you're not quitting. I love your pictures and the stories that go along with them.

Sophie said...

j'aime le regard/l'imagination d'un enfant, la lumière à travers le verre qui fait une tour Eiffel ♥♥♥
Enseignante en maternelle, j'aime regarder les choses ainsi, s'arrêter en classe pour observer un arc en ciel, une ombre particulière que je montre à mes élèves quand ils ne l'ont pas vu seuls ;)
Courage pour continuer sur ce projet de très longue haleine ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the pix, woman. don't stop. in fact, the heck with spanish, keep taking pix. just sayin..
my obsession is making purses. you've seen what I've done so far. gave one to a customer today, just because we'd talked about what I make..he'll give it to his wife..just cuz he loves her. *G*

auntie M

Grandpa Bill said...

If you really get to the point of dropping it, you might ask for some contributions of 'guest' photos to use when you're dry.

Your process is at least as interesting as the photos; Cathy's right, the stories are part of the deal. We all have similar stuff available, if you need it.

PeZzY! said...

I love our local library too. :) And, I love your pictures...keep going! Have you ever thought about doing a gallery show with your photos at the library?

Marisa said...

Thank you, everyone, for your support! You wouldn't believe how much it helps. :)

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