07 March 2012

67/366 mom, come look!

“Your glass is making the Eiffel Tower!”

I've been working on this 366 project for a little over two months. I've thought about quitting approximately ten times. I haven't yet forgotten to take a picture, rushing to take one at night, as I expected I would. Some days, I take a picture at breakfast time just so I don't have to think all day about what my picture will be. I am constantly judging quality of light, thinking about composition, framing images even when I don't have my camera with me. That alone is helping my photography tremendously.

Editing and posting every day hasn't been as difficult as I thought. It has taken time away from the Blurb books I'm working on, but I tend to find any little excuse to avoid those anyway.

I find myself being more decisive. I will choose not to take a picture if the light isn't right, unless the moment needs to be captured regardless (like the Eiffel Tower, above). I can take a series of seven photos of the same thing and delete all but one, instead of keeping two or three because I just can't decide which I like best.

I find myself taking photos of the silliest things, like my empty and unattractive lunch dishes, just because I like the way the light is reflecting off the table.

I recently read Jim Zuckerman's book, Pro Secrets to Dramatic Digital Photos. I really liked it. It contained a lot of “tips” that I already knew, and some that I didn't agree with, but his comparison of great photos to great graphic design really turned a light on for me. He included some great photographic examples to illustrate his points. I recommend the book, but as with all books, I recommend checking it out from your local library before purchasing. I love our local library! 

Every time I think about quitting this project, I reaffirm my commitment to finish it. Honestly, if I quit, I'd still be judging light and framing images in my head every day. I'd still take pictures for practice every day. (Or at least close to every day.) I figure this is like learning a new language—the best way to learn is with immersion and structured daily practice. So this year, photography. Next year, I'll tackle Spanish.

Are you doing a photography project this year? Or something else that requires a daily commitment? How's it going for you?