18 March 2012

78/366 cars

I set out today to get a shot to fit a cars theme. I was doing ok, though Little Mister was getting a little possessive and didn't want me to take pictures of his toys. Hubs popped up with a grand idea, so I took a break and let him set up my next shots. Teamwork! Partnership! Collaboration! Excellent!

He taped fishing line to cars (Cars cars) and attached them all together so he could pull them at the same time. We tried four different angles, different shutter speeds, different pull/stop rates, but I wasn't loving any of it. It was fun trying, though.

(For some reason, King kept pulling in front of Chick Hicks. Quite the reversal from the movie!)


Barb said...

My girls just love playing with their cars too! I hope you get some photos you are happy with :)

Losing Weight While Keeping My Mind said...

Hello Marisa, my name is Amber and I am new to following your blog and to the blogging world altogether!

Your pictures are so cute and well done, I wouldn't even know what to critique!

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