25 March 2012

85/366 chinese dinner

We spent the day with family for our annual Chinese dinner. Each year, my husband and his father dedicate an entire weekend to preparing a delicious feast for us, in honor of my husband's grandfather's birthday. It is a cherished event for all of us.

I was thrilled to use my new glass teapot and blooming tea.
Thanks again, Paul and Leanna!
The beautiful tea was the perfect accompaniment.


Sophie said...

Déjà des fleurs de pommier ? ou d'un arbre fruitier autre ? Jolies les trois premières photos et jolie la tradition familiale ;)

Grandpa Bill said...

Wow! What a great family tradition!

Nice pictures, too.

Cathy said...

What a fun idea! I especially love the blossoms!

Marisa said...

Oui, Sophie! Belles fleurs d'abricot.

Apricot blossoms that are just starting to bloom.

Sophie said...

thanks a lot for your answer ;) we haven't apricot in our garden ;)

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