27 March 2012

87/366 mirror image

Two weeks ago, I saw this article on PetaPixel about what we see in the mirror vs. how we look to other people. I've wanted to do this project since. I took a picture of myself—the one on the left—that shows what people see when they look at me. Then I digitally flipped it—the one on the right—to show what I see when I look in the mirror.

Honestly, I thought my results would be more interesting. I've got the weird crooked smile and, subsequently, the eye that looks smaller because that cheek is pushed up. The only other thing I notice is the part in my hair. 

My hair likes to part itself in the middle.  
It has a mind of its own, you know. 

I like it to be parted on the side. It will usually agree to this, but it reserves the right to choose which side. This frustrates me, because I think I look drastically different (at least in the mirror) depending on which way my hair flips over. Now I'm thinking I can quit worrying about that and succumb to the hair's wishes.

Oh—so there was one other thing I noticed. What in the world is going on with my shoulders?? Granted, I was sitting sort of sideways on my bed, so they look significantly more uneven in this picture than they really are. But after I saw this, I stood in front of the mirror and one shoulder is definitely higher than the other. Must look into this.

And wait, is one eyebrow thicker than the other? Need to look into that, too. 

Now what do we do about voices sounding different to the owner than to others? That really freaks me out. I wish my voice sounded like what I hear instead of that weird, deep, flat voice I hear on recordings.


Sophie said...

réflexion intéressante que je me fait de temps à autre... c'est toujours étrange de se dire que la personne qui nous connais le moins bien... c'est nous même car le miroir n'est pas objectif (puisqu'il inverse) et que nos oreille entendent aussi en dedans...

Marisa said...

C'est vrai, Sophie. Triste, mais vrai.

Grandpa Bill said...

Sweetie, don't bother yourself about it. What's a little diaperbag-shoulder between good friends. Actually, though, you look a bit backward in one of the photos. But we love you anyway!

Jillaire said...

I loved this--and your commentary was hilarious. It makes me want to go check MY eyebrows.

I've often said that the reason that people don't like photos of themselves is because they're used to seeing their mirror image and not what shows up on a photo. Your little project shows that.

And, you do look a little backwards in one of those. Can you do this on me? I want to see what it looks like!!!

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