20 April 2012

111/366 distracted

He was running, again, and crashed into a table, again, and hurt his arm. . . again. We go through this at least three or four times every day. This time, he crashed hard and his arm started to bruise immediately. I told him he'd have to sit with an ice pack on it for a while, and started preparing a pillow for him on the couch. He climbed up on the couch, whining, “But I'll need something to keep me distracted!”

I stifled my laugh and handed him a magazine that had just come in the mail. I'm so thankful for my little guy and his charm. ♥


Grandpa Bill said...

His Uncle Joey was on a first-name basis at Urgent Care. We kept blood rags in the car to spare the upholstery.

Pretty normal, although the self-awareness is priceless!

nana/ma said...

His Mommy and Daddy are doing a very good job if he knows he needs something to distract himself from the pain! Way to go Little Mister!

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