01 April 2012

91/366 oregon coast

We took a quick jaunt around the northwest quadrant of Oregon this weekend. The kids have different weeks off for spring break, so a weekend getaway was in order. It was pouring rain nearly the whole time. It was quite interesting, though, to drive by several rivers close to flood stage.

Our first stop was lunch at Rogue Brewery in Newport. Oh, how I love the samplers.

After lunch, we drove down the street to the Hatfield Marine Science Center. The kids loved it!

Did I mention it was rainy? The road to our hotel was closed due to high water. 
The detour we took had even higher water than the closed section!


Losing Weight While Keeping My Mind said...

I absolutely LOVE the Oregon coast! Last year around this time my husband and I did a two week road trip along the coast and it was fabulous! Great pics!:)

Grandpa Bill said...

I can't read this without remembering you as a little stinker. You loved the beach, the towns, and the Hatfield Center. All of you probably have Oregon Coast salt in your veins and there's probably some sand in creases we couldn't find.

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