05 April 2012

96/366 bolt

He had just decided to move on to something else when I noticed the setting sun tracing the edge of his back. I asked him to pretty please stay there for one more minute while I took a quick picture (a lie, because I'm never as quick as he'd like). He didn't want to. He got up and walked away while I adjusted my settings anyway, just in case. I sweet-talked him a little, he mulled it over, then he graciously came back for two minutes. I'm slowly winning him over on the Photography Subject front.

My ornamental kale is bolting. Kale bolts. Did you know that? I'm learning. In its second year, kale bolts (grows a lot), blooms, and develops seeds. My edible kale in the garden is doing the same thing. So here's my plan—I'm going to plant another round of (edible) kale seeds in the garden, let the current plants flower and seed, then collect the seeds for another rotation next spring. That way I'll have one set of plants growing for leaves, the other growing for seeds. We'll see how it goes. 

I'm going to let the ornamental set seed, too. I like experimenting with my plants. Makes me think I'm cool like Carl Linnaeus.